Moving TO CANADA: Cities, Neighbourhoods & buying a home!

Yaletown condos along waterfront in Vancouver
Owning a home is every family's Canadian Dream. Moving In Canada is designed to help people choose a neighbourhood (starting with the Choose a City list at right), then find a local realtor, home and mover, buy and sell your home, move your household, make the trip, and get settled in.

Steps for Planning your Move can help in all stages of your move in and around Canada!

  2. Use the Local Search to find a REALTOR™, sell and shop for a home
  3. SELL your current home, BUY your your new home
  4. Use the Local Search to find a MOVER, plan your move
  5. Make the TRIP
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Mark Ruthenberg,
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After 20 years, we have rationlaized our neighbourhood and moving content to the various community business directories . GOOGLE has been penalizing us for duplicate content so we are putting al' our emphasis on the FoundLocally directories and their hoe neighbhourhood and moving informationl, and our travel informaiton website.

Each of the city menu-links above are reciredted to the respective FoundLocally Homes & Gardens information.

We thank everyone for their support over the years!

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  1. We are a liberal democracy and we have a popular (and nice) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
  2. We've have great (and cheap) single-payer government run healthcare since 1965
  3. The following are all okay here (and have been, for years): gay marriage (we just call it "marriage"), abortion, medical marijuana, and refugees. And being nice is in our national character.
  4. If you speak another language , we like you... it means you may speak mone or more languages than some us (Canadians speak over 250 different languages)
  5. Most American retail and service chains are here, so it will feel just like home
  6. Our unspoiled outdoors are close to all of our major cities (and sometimes right inside those cities)

Economic Development Officers: Submit your community information

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Community Economic Development Offices: Pleased add your community profile to this website, via the Feedback Form, and we will be in touch with you.

Submissions should include information equivalent to the info we have written for other communities and neighbourhoods, and include these headings:

  • Overview (history, transportation, industries),
  • Shopping (key malls and shopping districts in-town and nearby),
  • Schools (K-12, libraries, post secondary access),
  • Recreation (competitive sports, participatory sports, arts, other attractions),
  • Homes (types and ratios, rough price ranges). Include key town web links (city hall, tourism office, economic development agency) as a URL without any HTML coding.

Also, see the web marketing tips on our blog at