Moving to Manitoba, Provincial Description & Overview

Queen Elizabeth Way Bridge, overe Red River

WHY MOVE to Manitoba?

The province has lots of expansive prairie, and two very large lakes. Winnipeg is a cultural mecca, with great shopping and great nightlife.

Manitoba's Location

The Forks, at the junction of the Assiniboine and the North-flowing Red River Manitoba is on of the three prairie provinces and is bordered by Ontario, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Hudson's Bay and the United States and is the geographical centre of Canada. Manitoba has an area of 650,000 square kilometres and is known as the land of 100,000 lakes, the largest of which is Lake Winnipeg.

Manitoba Provincial Map St Vital's Riel House historical site


The first inhabitants of Manitoba were the Assiniboine Indians. Europeans reached Manitoba through Hudson Bay in the early 1600s during their search for the Northwest Passage to the Orient. Early European attention was focused on the fur trade, though by 1812 the first agricultural settlements were established. Manitoba became a province of the Dominion of Canada in 1870, with Winnipeg as its capital.

Manitoba's Economy

Waterslides park in Grand Beach

Manitoba's People

Manitoba has 1.1 million people of which two-thirds live in metropolitan Winnipeg. About a quarter of the population has a mother tongue other than English or French. The province has from its early days attracted an ethnically diverse group of immigrants, and even today has 15% visible minorities.

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Manitoba Communities and Neighbourhoods

Manitoba Cities

Here are the major cities/regions in the province of Manitoba. Explore the neigbhourhoods in & around them that you may want to live in:

Winnipeg Home NeighbourhoodsWinnipeg Home Neighbourhoods

MB: Winnipeg is a major head-office city, particularly in the financial services sector and is home to the largest life insurance company in Canada.

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Manitoba Neighbourhoods

Here are some featured neighbourhoods in the province of Manitoba. Explore the neigbhourhoods in & around them that you may want to live in:
More Nieghbourhoods

 Birdshill-St Paul (Winnipeg neighbourhood) Birdshill-St Paul (Winnipeg neighbourhood)

MB: On the east bank of the Red River, north of the Perimeter Highway, with most homes along Henderson Highway, close to the river

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St Vital - Winnipeg neighbourhoodSt Vital - Winnipeg neighbourhood

MB: Nestled on the east bank of the Red River, between it and the Seine. The area’s main north-south roads, St Anne’s and St Mary’s route you quickly into the downtown,

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Transcona (Winnipeg neighbourhood)Transcona (Winnipeg neighbourhood)

MB: Transcona is built for and by the railroads around the turn of the century. The residential communities are to the north of the railyards up to wards the Regent Ave’s shopping strip.

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West Kildonan – Garden City (Winnipeg neighbourhood)West Kildonan – Garden City (Winnipeg neighbourhood)

MB: The area north of Inkster Blvd and west of the Red River. The area is liked for its large parks, including Garden City in the west, and Kildonan Park along the River.

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East Kildonan (Winnipeg neighbourhood)East Kildonan (Winnipeg neighbourhood)

MB: n the east bank of the Red River, opposite West Kildonan, and north of the main east-west rail lines and accompanying industrial areas, and west of the busy Lagimodiere Blvd

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