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Halifax waterfront view, from Dartmouth

WHY MOVE to Halifax?

This city is rich in traditions and history, built around the deepwater Halifax Harbour, and long a bastion of British North America. It has Maritimes charm along with a strong economy, and has lots of parkland, shoreline, and recreational opportunities.
Bishops Landing condos in Halifax

Halifax is not only the largest city in Nova Scotia, but also the province's capital. Halifax is a city with 380,000 residents in the metropolitan area (which now includes Dartmouth and Bedford/Sackville). It is a large deep-water harbour that opens into the Atlantic Ocean, which the area's native Micmac Indians called "Chebucto." Halifax was founded in 1749 and is filled with history. The metropolitan area is home to unique and important historic sites, including the Halifax Citadel National Historic Park, the Prince of Wales Tower National Historic Park, and the York Redoubt National Historic Site.

It was the major starting point for First and Second World War convoys departing for Europe. In 1917 the French steamship Mont Blanc and the Belgian steamer Imo collided, causing the biggest manmade explosion the world had seen until Hiroshima. The city is home to eight colleges and universities including the University of King's College, which was founded in 1789. The young demographic of these colleges has attracted a diverse range of restaurants and nightlife to the city (the fact it's a port city doesn't hurt either), as well as number of high technology companies.

Halifax's Young Ave residences The city today is a major rail and shipping hub for North America, being the easternmost rail-connected port on the continent. It is also a major staging ground for oil & gas exploration off the Grand Banks and around Sable Island. These developments are helping the Halifax area to become the strongest economic force in the Maritimes.

Halifax is an amalgamation of a number of formerly independent municipalities: Halifax, on the southeast shore of the harbour, Dartmouth on the north shore, with Cole Harbour and Eastern Passage closer to the ocean. Further inland are the communities of Bedford, Lower Sackville, Sackville, all with nice water views. Waverly is further inland, but is close to the airport. The, of course, are the wonderful oceanside communities along the South Shore like Purcells Cove, Herring Cove, and a few others out to Sambo.

Halifax History

Public Gardens Statue Nova Scotia was among the early discoveries of the explorer and navigator John Cabot, who claimed Cape Breton for the king of England. France sent Samuel de Champlain to the area in 1604, who first wintered in the area and the next year he founded Port Royal in the Annapolis River valley. The French named the area around the Bay of Fundy "Acadia" the "peaceful land".

The area changed hands between the French and the English (who named the area "Nova Scotia", Latin for New Scotland) several times, even after the French built the Fortress of Louisbourg on eastern Cape Breton. In 1758 Louisburg again fell under the leadership of the gallant Wolfe, who then captured Quebec City in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. The Treaty of Paris ceded the entire continent of North America to England.

The new British governors expelled 10,000 Acadians from the Atlantic colonies in 1753 and again in 1758, mostly to what is now the State of Louisiana, immortalized by the epic poem "Evangeline". The British under Colonel Edward Cornwallis brought 2500 settlers who founded Halifax along what is now Barrington Street. The settlement was named for Lord Halifax, then president of Britain's Board of Trade and plantations. By 1752, Dartmouth was settled and ferry system was begun, The harbour was also fortified with several batteries, and the Halifax Citadel was completed in 1856. The British began settling the territory with pro-crown settlers, mostly from Germany, Switzerland, as well as French Protestants, and then Scots. The area filled up with another 25,000 Loyalists who came north after the American Revolution, several thousand American blacks after the War of 1812, and shiploads of Irish between 1815 & 1850.

Citadal Hill's fortifications, viewed from below In 1758, Nova Scotia had it first elected government. Following the 1837 Rebellion, the colonial legislatures were restructured in 1848, when Queen Victoria gave Nova Scotia "responsible" government, with a legislature of elected colonials advising the colony's Queen-appointed governor.

Halifax was quickly maturing as a community and quickly grew to 50,000 by the early 1900s. In 1802, Saint Mary's was Halifax's first university with the founding of Saint Mary's, with Dalhousie University following in 1818. Samuel Cunard started a Halifax-based shipping empire in 1839, later adding steam-powered ships so he could guarantee timely trans-oceanic delivery of the Royal Mail. In 1842, the City of Halifax was incorporated, electing its first mayor. One of the wealthiest cities in the colonies, Halifax was the birthplace for two of Canada's biggest financial institutions: the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Nova Scotia (in 1832).

Warehouses in the Historica Properties By 1861, Nova Scotians approved joining a union of the North American Provinces, followed by the 1864 Charlottetown Conference that led to the formation of Canada on July 1st, 1867 under the British North America Act. The new nation included New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Upper Canada, and Lower Canada, with PEI joining in 1873, and Newfoundland much later, in 1949.

In 1876, a new railway connected Nova Scotia to Central Canada, and an 1881 provincial rail line connected major towns. Ocean-going trade and shipbuilding boomed in Yarmouth and Halifax. Coal mining near Springhill and Amherst helped to power the new steam ships. Following the1913 sinking of the Titanic nearby, many bodies were buried in Halifax.

Duck Pond with Building, Dartmouth During the First World War (then called "the Great War"), Halifax was the assembly point for shipping convoys, which enabled the navy to protect trans-Atlantic shipping form the fleets of German submarines (U-boats). The Halifax Explosion occurred December 6, 1917 when the French Steamship "Mont Blanc" and the Belgian Steamer "Imo", carrying 400,000 pounds of TNT, collided in the Halifax Harbour, caught fire, and exploded killing 1900 people instantly, and injuring over 9000 and destroying 1600 buildings. It was the largest man-made explosion in history, prior to the atomic era, and was felt and heard in Sydney, Cape Bretton, 420 km away.

Harbour view from Town Clock By 1920, the post-war Halifax economy collapsed. Though the age of sail the age of wooden shipbuilding was over, the sail-powered fishing schooner Bluenose was launched in Lunenburg in 1921. Though it fished on the Grand Banks and Scotian Shelf, it was better known for its successive racing victories. After the boat was retired, it sunk off Haiti during World War II. The Bluenose is immortalized on the back of the Canadian dime, and in 1963, the recreated Bluenose II was launched, and is now permanently berthed in Lunenburg as a tourist attraction.

During World War II, Halifax again boomed as a major convoy assembly point. It is now headquarters for the Canadian Armed Forces Maritime Command (navy), and now also has one of the largest container ports in North America. Nova Scotia's economy has begun to diversify since the end of World War II. The province now has major manufacturing facilities for Michelin Tire, Volvo, Crossley Carrastan Carpet, and Pratt & Whitney. While much of the Atlantic fishery is in decline, Nova Scotia is the country's largest exporter of lobsters.

In the 1960s and 1970s the harbourfront, now called the Historic Properties, began restoration, and was supplemented by upscale hotels and office development. Architectural gems like Province House and the former Dominion Building, now housing the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, were restored creating a focal point for the shopping and nightlife along the charming and historical old portions of Halifax.

Halifax Port Authority cranes at Point Pleasant In 1996 Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and Halifax County amalgamated, forming the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and further improved efficiences for all levels of business and government through the Greater Halifax Partnership.

The recent discovery of natural gas of Sable Island, 250 kilometres south-east of the mainland, on the Scotia Shelf, has led to a boom in oil & gas exploration and development on the province's continental shelf.

Moving to Halifax

Halifax is a waterfront community with a mix of older and recently built homes. Therea re nice neigbhourhoods in Halifax with several small satellite communities a short driving distance away.

Halifax Neighbourhoods Halifax (Regional Municipality)

Halifax photos shot for FoundLocally by Lynette Stewart.

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Summit Group Royal LePage Atlantic is a Halifax Nova Scotia goal oriented team of real estate professionals focused on Residential, Multi Family + Commercial Assets

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More info on Mortgage Managers Halifax MortgagesMortgage Managers

We have been serving HRM homeowners for over 5 years with all their purchase and refinance mortgage needs. There is no cost to our clients for our services as we are compensated by the banks when your mortgage closes.

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True North Mortgage, one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, has brought its successful and hassle-free approach to mortgage broker services to Atlantic Canada, and is now a Halifax mortgage broker.

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More info on Mackie Moving Systems Nova Scotia Halifax MoversMackie Moving Systems Nova Scotia

Mackie Moving System is a moving company composed of professional movers with locations across Nova Scotia and Canada.

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More info on Able Movers Halifax Halifax MoversAble Movers Halifax

We are a family owned moving business serving Halifax and surrounding areas for over 12 years. We are fully insured and provide professional moving services at fair prices. We specialize in home, apartment and condo moves as well as office moves.

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More info on Allied Van Lines Halifax MoversAllied Van Lines

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Here are some of the great neighbourhoods you can move to in & around Halifax

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Dartmouth  (Halifax neighbourhood)Dartmouth (Halifax neighbourhood)

NS: Dartmouth is on the eastern side of Halifax Harbour, and encompasses nearby areas such as Cole Harbour, Eastern Passage, Lawrencetown, Lake Echo and Porter^s Lake

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Halifax Peninsula  (Halifax neighbourhood)Halifax Peninsula (Halifax neighbourhood)

NS: The Peninsula is the part that is east of the Northwest Arm, with commuting to the downtown core taking only minutes

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