Saskatchewan Economy Ovderview- Moving in Canada

Once solely an agricultural economy, the Saskatchewan has diversified with the development of its mineral resources. Saskatchewan still supplies 28 percent of Canada's grain production, with crops that include canola, rye, oats, barley and flaxseeds, as well as wheat. It is a major producer of cattle and hogs, and the average farm is 420 hectares in size.

Northern Saskatchewan's 350,000 sq km of forests are the province's most important renewable natural resource. Softwoods (coniferous trees), used for pulp and paper production, are the focal point of forestry development

Farm in Cudworth, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is rich in minerals, including potash, uranium, coal, oil and natural gas. Saskatchewan has 14,000 oil wells which produce about 12 percent of Canada's total oil output. Saskatchewan is the leading exporter of potash, with two-thirds of the world's reserves.

IMC Potash facility

Research and development, centered around Saskatoon's Innovation Centre, has gained international recognition in the areas of agriculture, space technology and biotechnology.